Saturday, August 13, 2011

Big White Oak

  All around the Big White Oak folks are getting ready for ricing. Sure it's a good way to make a few extra dollars, but more importantly, it the tradition that counts. 
  Many people are moving into the usual rice camps. Campfires are kept stoked until late in the night. Old canoes are patched and the sticks are checked over. It's a while yet, but the rice is checked each day.
   Ricing is always done with two people, one picker and one poler. From past experience I can say that poling is by far the most difficult. I've seen the poler walk right out of the canoe into open water. Not a good thing to do.
   A good picker is what saves the day. Some new to the job hit the rice and the vast majority lands in the water. You don't make much money that way.
   So keep an eye out for the old cars with the canoe on top. One of them might be me.
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