Monday, August 1, 2011

The One Room School

   In the book "Brothers by Fire" I write about the one room school and the teacher Mrs. Ross. These first schools in the area were the center of the local universe. All forms of meetings were held there. Local political parties met every few months to pass on information about things done in Washington.
   As the teachers stood in front of their classes, they saw a wide variety of students. Some were white and some Indian children. For some their first time to hear English spoken was in the class room. For them it was doubly difficult having to learn a new language and the other subjects at the same time.
   In the town of Deer River there was what was known as a "Normal School". Students came from far and wide,spending their whole lives there. They were allowed to go home for two months in the summer, but the rest of the year they lived at the school.
   Some of the Indian children were forbidden to speak their own language and some were severely beaten for any infraction of the rules. It was a hard life for all the children    
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