Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Butchering Time

   In the Big White Oak area, the seasons are quite different, each one brings a distinct change to the landscape. If the seasons had names as colors, it would be green, yellow, brown and white, the predominant colors for Minnesota's seasons.
   One season that rarely gets mentioned is butchering time. When summer gets in high gear, local people trap and butcher many tons of mosquitoes. Many families just keep the drumsticks because that's where most of the meat is. Sometimes those drumsticks are smoked and saved for winter use.
   Trapping the mosquitoes sometimes can be quite challenging. I've seen good jump traps broken in pieces by the mosquito and most times if you try to snare them, they just fly away with the snare and the tree it was attached to. There have even been reports of trappers being eaten alive by an irate mosquito.
   So as you can see, living here in Northern Minnesota can be quite a challenge and if you sometimes wonder why so few people live here, now you know.
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