Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Dining Room Table

   As a kid, one of the greatest things was to be allowed to stay up late and listen to the men folk tell tales by light of the kerosene lamp. Sometimes it wasn't too interesting but as hunting season got close, the talk turned to deer. Old Joe was my all time favorite. 
   Joe? Why everyone had seen old Joe at one time or other. He was the Swamp Ghost, the deer that carried lead from many good hunters. He couldn't be killed, but that didn't stop them from trying. 
   "I think I'll just wander through that Tag Alder swamp." said Manson.
   "Naw, he won't be hanging 'round there. He's probly in that Windy Lake swale."
   "Why yur both tiched. he probly died of old age years ago." said Bill
   And on and on it went. I listened for many years and finally got to say a word or two when I got older, but those guys talked about old Joe for as long as we were still together. 
   That old Tag Alder swamp is still there so maybe this year I'll go take a look around.
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